Just this January 20th, I came across a tweet that challenged people, to:

Mention a city that changed their lives...

Most answered: Wuhan, China. But for me?

It was: Caracas, Venezuela...


Once a beautiful city in a valley of a majestic country , blessed by so many positive things with one dramatic exception, consisting in a general lack of common sense, fault that took that Nation in a down spiral, from richest to poorest, in a matter of a few years, one election and an awful deception after another... In the middle of a series of dramatic events, if you were able to survive those insecure crimes ridden streets and come out safe and sound in that hostile environment, then you felt certified to make it anywhere... But down there applying all the tricks in the book, you had to learn fast in order to live and tell the story... Do that with a smile, you would not be survivor level material, you would certainly qualify more as the " immortal "kind!! ! As a fact, it is also true, that:

"what does not kill you, makes you stronger", once learned the lesson (sadly many have not yet), those who rode that wild rodeo, did come out of it, quite wiser and almost bulletproof, still mastering those conditions, so that one very special day you receive a letter granting you the privilege of qualifying as a US citizen, to solemnly swear to defend this Great Nation by all means.


That immense feeling of belonging, urged us under today's torrid circumstances we are living in, the feeling to embark on a mission to deliver one essential message:


"We come from Venezuela

 We come from the future, 

We come to warn you,

DO NOT flirt with disaster!!"


Wake up America... Before is too late.


Because elections have their consequences, and I am a witness of it, either in the last 25 years socialist prone Italy, where my whole family came from, as also in Venezuela, where I  was  born 59  years ago, I  find myself  re-living here, the same insane saga  in "The Land of the Free, home of the Brave " ... where some seem also "coincidentally" , to have lost their north, which is the alarming reason for this grown and experienced gladiator, to descend on to the arena and join the Brave, to defend the Free...


I am finally taking the job, for which I prepared for so long, studying politics and international affairs in the early 80's,graduating from my prep school in Princeton NJ and  George Washington University, in the Nation's Capital, 

4 blocks away from the White House then occupied by the Great Presiden t Ronald Reagan... where merely a year ago, undoubtedly, was considered the most powerful Office in the World... wishing we could say the same now.


It is not my four languages and diplomas that make me understand people, but the streets I walked, the jobs I took, the relations I developed, with all sorts of individuals, nationalities and diverse backgrounds, their faith, their businesses & corporations. It is in fact the journey thru these long 21 years I have lived on this district, that I certainly would love to represent...


I am a father of one and I have promised my son, we would give back to America with gratitude, all its generosity shown welcoming us and legally giving us a chance. .. It took its time, sacrifices and sometimes it surfaced the doubt that the American Dream was real; imagining could have been just a mirage. However, no one ever said it was going to be easy. 


Just as our mighty Constitution declares it, clearly guaranteeing us the equal chances to start, even if unfortunately many misunderstand it, by conveniently pretending the end results to be assured.

It is clear the performance and the achievements in the pursue of happiness, are all marks and feats really depending on your risks, sacrifices, will and determination.


I have done  my homework, tested  my knowledge,  paid  my dues, taken  my risks and  my blows,  while  raising a kid, attended a mother, joined the church, as catholic and brother of Emmaus participating in its missions and retreats where 

I have served faithfully,  owing the Holy Virgin Mary and St. Jude, a granted miracle on my son's health and wellbeing .


Therefore, I kneel only to God, whose sacred principles funded this Nation, strengthen my faith, by which I have confessed my sins and for whom I fight to become everyday a better man...


And with the same Spirit:


I believe: justice must be blind and the law this country was built on, it is to be obeyed... 

I believe: in life and the Sanctity of it, as all life matters.

I believe: that the unborn are lives that must be always respected and above all defended.

I believe: the death should not be voting as a vote must be a proven, honest and a responsible one.

I believe: the Police should protect us, as our firemen, soldiers and all those first responders, fearless heroes that must be                                                revered for their missions and courage.

I believe: our flag and colors must be proudly saluted and loved, our borders guarded and our constitutional rights never infringed and always protected.

I believe: our essential conservative values are not negotiable at any cost ...

I believe: in the  free market, limited  but efficient government, as  I totally despise Socialism,  knowing  is the  mask for that historically atrocious Communism, we continually proven  has failed everywhere, and  warn should  not be taught in schools, the contrary to liberal believe , determined to manipulate issues and cancelling history to accommodate their quite tedious particular interests ...

I believe: in the innocence of children, that must be guarded and directed by their loving parents, till their age is right to be ready to fly solo.

I believe: harming children in any way, must be categorically penalized...

I believe: any crime must be punished accordingly as no one is above the law ...

I believe: in generosity without falling into waist and arrogance or corruption and mismanagement.


Politicians, get the honor to serve the people and should make history based on their performance and accomplishments, 

as the only two means that perhaps should count to keep them in office and careers.

All those disgraceful elements who burn the flag, disrespect our hymn, despise our Nation , offend those heroes who paid with their lives and all those veterans who went thru blood, sweat and tears fighting to guarantee our freedoms, many sadly take for granted... all those bad figures should not represent us, officially nor socially and must be fined and welcome to leave, as they represent undeserving Americans .

I believe in the First Amendment, and the Second that protects it and  secures it... 

Furthermore, in my times involved as spokesperson for VARA ( Venezuelan American Republican Alliance) I was   known as "Zero Silence", believing that those who stay quiet in a way, are all accomplices of disaster, just as biased censorship should be totally condemned...


Fake news should be restricted only to comedy channels, as misleading and / or smearing people should be punished.


Finally for me, more than the years, have been the miles... and on that note, once again, I am  grateful to God and the good People of this amazing Nation for the privilege to become one of them.


I am  proudly announcing as an  American, Conservative, Republican and  a true Patriot...

that with your support... I am  ready  to serve!!!




Alberto Perosch


Florida State Representative Candidate. District 113.




When I'm not at work : 9Rounds boxing gym, Boating, Motorcycling , Car enthusiast, Sharp Shooting Range

Favorite Things

Italian Food Addict, Good Cigar, BBQ Grilling, Latin Music


English, Spanish, Italian, French.